Hearing His Quiet Voice

by Mary Carr


The first time that I heard the Lord’s voice, I was about thirteen years old.

My mom was going through a particularly difficult season of her life. She began to develop a different style of prayer… praying to God about anything and everything that felt burdensome, no matter how small it was.

One of my daily chores in the summer was watering the flowers on our patio. There were over twenty plants. Some were hanging plants but most were potted or in the ground.

I don’t know if it was a particularly bad day for me or if the Arkansas summer heat was too much to handle that day, but, for whatever reason, I dreaded going outside.

“You water the hanging plants, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

It was a quiet, gentle, loving voice. It was the kind of quiet that made me question if I had heard anything at all.

But I watered the hanging plants, because….well why not?

When I finished watering the last hanging plant, sheets of rain began coming down immediately.

I was shocked.

I ran inside, sat on my knees on the couch, and stared out the window in amazement and awe at what was happening before my very eyes.

When I told my mom about everything that had happened, she told me how proud she was of me that I heard His voice AND that I had obeyed it. When I look back at this day and how the Lord chose to reveal Himself to me in an obvious and sweeping-me-off-my-feet kind of way, I am amazed at the seeds of faith that were being sown in my heart at that young age.

The Lord has grown me and changed my heart since that day and has never stopped finding ways to stop me in my tracks to take in His love for me.

May we never stop listening to that quiet voice... to the God who cares for the big things and the small things.

Mary is a Natural State native, a follower of Jesus, and an aunt to three sweet babies. In the fall, she will begin graduate school for speech language pathology. But for now, she is enjoying a season of rest and growth while baking for the Pioneer Woman Mercantile and cooking for Pink Box Recipes. Follow her Instagram @pinkboxrecipes