My Random Thoughts About Refuge

by Karen Hogle


I think of Refuge as a place (or state of being) where I feel safe, loved, and/or welcome.

I’ve had multiple places of refuge throughout my entire life. In fact I have so many places of refuge that I can take them for granted.

God. My husband. Family. The Bible. Friends. Church. My home, etc.

My family of origin gave me a great foundation for belief in God. Every good thing comes from God. They helped me trust God and learn how to make good decisions – which usually helps me in having more people or places of refuge surrounding me.

It saddens and baffles me when I come in contact with people who do not have many (or any) people or places of refuge. Sometimes it’s because they did not make good decisions which would result in more places or people of refuge in their life.

In fact, I’ve seen people who desperately need refuge – and it’s an arm’s length away from them – but they will not go to it. Instead, they choose to continue in hard or risky situations. Why? It’s the enemy deceiving them just like he did in the Garden of Eden. Satan tells people lies so they believe the refuge is not for them; it’s for somebody else. OR maybe it is for them, but they are not ready to go there yet.

This is one reason I see my role as a disciple of Jesus as wanting to help people who are in need of refuge, to be introduced to God’s love. All good things come from God. Refuge in one form or another can be found in and around God. I have refuge. I know what it is. I am refuge.

But only by the grace of God.