Letter from the Editor


My dear sisters,

We live in a world of crazy these days (although I suppose it’s been a chaotic world for quite some time now). It can often be incredibly difficult to catch a break and relax a little. But in all the busy and crazy that our world offers, we know there is a safe place to be found. We know that we serve a God of refuge and peace.

Refuge is one of my favorite words. When I run to God during my times of trouble or stress, He has always brought this calmness that washes over my storm. I’m able to continue my days with this thankfulness and relief, not because the problem has disappeared during my intimate time with God, but because He walks through it with me and gives assurance that my current troubles will not last forever. I can endure it knowing He is leading the way.

I hope that as you wander through the stories that have been told by some beautiful women this April, you will feel the presence of the Lord surround you. And if you have been restless or weary, I pray you will receive the hope and joy that only God can give as you choose Him to be your safe place above all else. Storms will come – so let them come. Our God will meet them like a mighty warrior and we will be secure in Him alone.


To the end,