Letter from the Editor


We tend to describe our "home" in very different ways. Some of us base it off the houses that we live in or the people that we live with or even some of our experiences that we've encountered in our lives. I don't know about you but it's kind of difficult for me to truly try to explain what "home" feels like to me. Part of me just doesn't really know and the other part of me sort of has an idea but still doesn't really know.

I'll try to explain the part that sort of knows. In the physical, it tends to be that place that I feel like I can completely be myself and I don't have to have any fear of judgment from those around me. Maybe that's something you agree with me on and isn't really a new description. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's not a new description. But what I do know about that is I don't feel like I can fully be myself very often around others. It's hard to believe that if I totally let loose somewhere in public I'm going to be 100% accepted and no one is going to be thinking "that girl is crazy".

Maybe that's also why Jesus is so appealing. He literally knows every bit of weirdness and dirt in my DNA and he's still given me a place to sit at his table. Sometimes, I can feel completely alone. But then when I go to a quiet place in those moments and start whispering to the Lord, something changes in my heart. God's peace fills the void that fear tried to invade and then I'm able to rest. My thoughts get redirected back to Jesus and how he knows every fiber of my being. He knows me better than I know me. No one can know me like that. Only him. There's intimacy and there's truth.

There's home.


To the end,


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