Letter From the Editor


I’m a sucker for a good dream.

Being a lover of Jesus has opened the doors of the spiritual realm for me over the past few years. As I’ve journeyed through my life with him, I’ve come to realize that God really loves talking to his kiddos in all sorts of incredible ways. He constantly blows my mind with his style and it’s something I never want to get used to.

So when it comes to dreams it’s safe to say that they are one of the many ways God loves to connect with us. He places his dreams for us inside our hearts and the desire to pursue them. He loves to talk to us through them and use them to encourage us to always keep seeking him above all else. I pray that seeking the Lord will always be your ultimate dream.

I hope you enjoy the stories and gifts that you see in our Dream issue this month. These women have poured out special pieces of their hearts for you to read and enjoy. And we even received a submission from our first guy, which has been really exciting. When I first started dreaming about this magazine, I really thought it would only be for women. But I think God is molding it to be for anyone. It’s been really cool to see that take effect. To God be the glory!

Thanks for tuning in and supporting what we’re trying to do here. We appreciate and love you deeply.


To the end,