A New Year, A New You: A Journey of Self-Acceptance

by Sarah Humphrey


Every year, we are promised the joys of New Year’s resolutions. We make our game plan, we buy our calendars, and we set the stage. 

“This year, I’m going to get fit!”
“This year, I’m finding a husband!”
“This year, I’m getting a good job!”
“This year, I’ll start on all those projects deep in my heart…”

Though goals are not bad, they can replace our deepest need. When discerning between better and best, we find ourselves at the crossroads of hustle and rest. One way may seem satisfying, though its “love” is short-lived. The other comes from doing the inside work, though it might be more humbling. If we want to be brave, we can offer up our stories and our goals and let Him mesh them into one.

In my journey toward self-acceptance, I’ve realized that the real joy is true intimacy with God. It is the bare and broken heart at times, and it is the path of hard work with grace. It has a learning curve, and it comes with gentle discipline. His ways are always loving, though He does need to get our attention. At times we’ve looked to every other lover but Him to fulfill a need, and our bravery comes in the moments of honest, raw heartache. At other times, we may have played it all too safe—simply hiding behind what we could be in order to stay locked away and without the grip of failure.

When it comes to accepting ourselves, we look to the One who makes us shine. It’s in our walk with Him where we discover our goodness, our weakness, our joy, and our path for growth. As we see Him, we start to see ourselves. We are splendidly imperfect and radically accepted. Each of our steps in life is taken note of, with every tear and smile recorded.

What makes you glow?
What makes you excited yet nervous?
Where do you want to grow?
Who are the friends traveling with you?

Take the gentle plunge this year to dive into Him and into yourself. Take that dream or that unfinished goal, and wipe the dust off or shake off the nerves…and get started.  Find out who He is for you.  Take a few good friends with you who can encourage, support, and keep you accountable.  

Create this year with your best foot forward; girded with truth and destined for glory. Let His mercy and His love carry you into your favorite ways to serve. It’s in the places where we give of ourselves that we find Him.

He is good, and He loves to lavish us with His presence. Open your heart this year to Him, as He weaves His good plan through you.

Sarah is the author of several books and a children’s book. She is a voice actor, an artist, and most importantly, a mom. Her new book “How to Take a Selfie: A Social Media #detox to Regain Confidence and Connection” will be available on Amazon this January. She loves to create, dream, and is a professional introvert with “sparkles” of extrovert. You can follow her on Instagram at @shumpdee.