Letter from the Editor


When I was first sitting on my couch asking God to give me something that I could do for him, this was not my initial plan. I really thought it would be something more specific but God was like, "Nah, girl, it's gonna be way bigger than that." As many of you probably know from your own experiences, God changes things and crafts them into an even better masterpiece than what we could've ever come up with on our own. He opened it up to so much more than I expected. He's already made it better and we have only stuck our pinky toes in the water. There's so much to do and discover.

I'm sure as this magazines grows, it's going to change and develop and evolve into things I couldn't possibly dream up on my own and I'm truly excited for the adventure of it. What makes me even more excited is to have you along for the ride. True Gold has been created to be a safe place for us to share ourselves in whatever state we're in and love on each other and give it to God. What a battle cry we have. Can I get an amen? (Amen and amen.)

This January theme is called Brave. Brave was chosen because often being brave is really hard to do. And so often, that's what God calls us to. This magazine was an act of bravery for me and I'm still pretty scared about it. But with God, we have the freedom to be brave and know it's going to be worth it. It will always be worth it.

I also want to give a quick shout out to all of the ladies that pioneered this first issue with me. All of the submissions have been gold (pun intended). Truly, it's such a brave thing to send something personal to strangers at the very beginning of something so new. To go first before the crowd and give a little piece of your heart. Thank you. Your strength and beauty overflowed in the pieces that you all sent in. You have inspired me and I know others will be when they see them as well.

So, this is for all you Jesus lovers out there. Let's unify and encourage and inspire and love boldly in what we share here. It will bear beautiful fruit.


To the end,