Hasha – Little Bird

by Chloe Townsend


When I think of the Holy Spirit usually the word “intimacy” pops into my head. I believe that the Spirit of God speaks to me often (sometimes I don’t have ears to hear the Spirit but that’s another story). I know that’s not something everyone believes but I definitely have no doubt in my mind that I’ve heard the Lord tell me things. Not audibly, mind you, but in my head (I’m pretty sure if I were to hear God’s booming voice audibly, I’d probably poop my pants and be absolutely terrified. Bahahah). 

Anyway, I have this one occasion with the Spirit that I’ll remember forever. It was my senior year in college. I lived in a house that my aunt rented out to me and six other girls and not a day goes by that I don’t miss living in that house. It just had this peaceful feel to it, you know what I mean? This house was basically out in the country without being too far away from town. It was a sweet escape when it needed to be but had the convenience of still being right around the corner to everything that we needed. I really rested in that house and felt so close to the Lord while I lived there. Often I would wake up, get my cup of coffee ready and go sit on the porch swing with my prayer journal and Bible and just speak out loud to God about whatever was troubling me or whatever was on my mind for the day. This particular day was during the spring and the weather was gorgeous. The nature that surrounded the place was serene and there were butterflies and birds everywhere. It was perfection.

So, as I began to sit down on the porch swing, I instantly had this glimpse of Jesus sitting with me. And I said, “Ah, you’re here.” I immediately felt a sense of joy and peace in my heart. I don’t remember how I started the conversation. I think I just thanked Him for how beautiful the day was and how I could sit out there forever with Him. I wanted time to stop for a little while so I could enjoy the gift He was handing me that morning. As I was sitting there, this little bird started chirping at me and flying to nearby perches to chirp in my direction. The little bird was relentless. And then I realized there was a nest of eggs above the swing on the porch. So I started telling the Lord to tell the little bird that the eggs were safe; I wasn’t a threat to the baby eggs. It felt like a solid 20 minutes of me talking to the Lord about the little bird as it kept flying from perch to perch warning me to stay away from the nest. Then I said, “Lord, I want to name the bird. What should we name the bird? Let’s name the bird.” And I persisted in naming the bird, asking over and over what we should call it. I didn’t know if it was male or female (although I should’ve guessed because baby bird eggs) so I kept pestering the Lord about a name and finally, I heard the Spirit whisper, “Hasha”. So I was like, “Okay, Hasha it is. I have no idea if that’s even a real name but sure, whatever. Let’s call the little bird ‘Hasha.’” Hasha just kept on chirping away—girl had nothing else on her agenda but to protect those eggs.

I started to write in my journal and then I stopped and decided I wanted to look up Hasha and see if it meant anything or nothing at all. So I googled Hasha and the first site to pop up on the search list was a baby name website. Turns out, Hasha is a female Arabic name and means cheerfulness. The feeling I had that morning with the Lord. You know those Bible stories where they would name places or things after a situation or feeling that occurred there? This felt a lot like that. I was cheerful and God gave me a name for that sweet little bird that was so fitting in that intimate moment with Him. Also, I don’t know Arabic so that was a clarification that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and I wasn’t randomly making up words in my head. I remember how excited I was about it too! The Lord and I named a bird together! It felt like we had reached a new intimate level that morning. I'm pretty sure I told all my close friends about it like a giddy little girl. Hahahah.

But really, it’s one of those memories that sits really close to my heart and it’s a reminder that the Spirit speaks to us. We just have to be willing to sit with Him and listen. To give Him our time and attention. I know that sometimes that's really hard to do in our busy lives – to actually make intentional time for the Lord every day – and often I fail at this very thing. But some beautiful, sweet moments—like naming a little bird—will come when we choose to give our Father what He truly wants – our time and our hearts.