Prayers Come True

by Sarah Humphrey


I used to think of promises in a certain regard, more as an expectation instead of an understanding. I thought if God made a promise, it might look the way I thought it up or that it would happen on Earth in a way that made its fulfillment so meaningful and bright.


At first I was confused by this deeper place because it almost seemed like failure, or as if the promise wasn’t kept. But as I kept traveling down the rabbit hole, I realized that everything I asked to come true, did in fact come true, as I prayed.

It wasn’t the promise I was really after.  It was simply God. It was His presence and His communion. It was the prayer with Him that I needed, and it was our connection that I desired. Though there were many times that the promise did in fact become practical, I found more purpose in the Presence. And when the promise became manifest on Earth, it wasn’t as much dinner—as it was dessert.

My life has been full with impossible promises fulfilled, some that looked like I thought they would and others that came in new packages.

And so I think God is a mystery. There is so much healing inside Him that our small ideas of promises are nothing compared to the vastness of His presence. Of being known by Him and starting to know Him.

If I spend my entire life with Him, I know that practical promises will be fulfilled. It’s inevitable. He has shown me this time and time again. But as I grow deeper into His heart for me, the earthly desires seem so few and far between. I yearn more for expression than I seem to need anything. This kind of a peace is a gift; it can only come from Heaven and from the communion of being with God.

If I want a dream to come true, I just pray. Because God is in the intercession. He is in the prayer, in the need, in the circumstance, and in the future. Everything else flows from this place, and there is nothing else more satisfying.

It’s easy to see what the world has to offer; it’s so much more satisfying and fulfilling to understand God’s heart. It is never-ending and always enduring, it is all my dreams come true.

Seeing the world from this place of fulfillment frees me to serve instead of to want. And in the serving, my purpose comes alive. 

Sarah is a wife, mother, writer, and natural-born creative. She loves spending time doodling in God’s presence, listening for His heart, and watching her dreams come true. You can find her books in stores and online. To partake of her journey, you can also follow her on Instagram @shumpdee or her website: