Lisa Brittain – friend, friend, indeed!

by Ruth Snell

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Friends and friendships have become more precious with the years piling up.

But growing up I was a loner. I felt alone. I had to hide to protect myself – or so I thought. I did not like myself and I was sure most would not like me if all of my lacks were uncovered. But in these latter years of my life, like the Velveteen Rabbit, I have come alive and become real. In beautiful ways, the Holy Spirit has worked through precious friendships and given me courage and freedom to be me. I want to tell you about one of these friends, Lisa Brittain, who has joined my journey of friendship.

Lisa and I met in Community Bible Study in Lilburn, GA. She's 12 years younger than me. We were both on the Servants Leadership Team. As I watched and listened to Lisa walk with Jesus in her ministry, her marriage, her family and her friendships, I was drawn to Jesus in her. She wouldn’t say anything glowing about herself but over these last 7 or so years, I’ve observed many wonderful qualities about my friend. I’ve tasted the fruit of her friendship and it is life changing for all who know and love her.

Her blog is and shine she does.

So today Lisa, you're the wonderful example of true godly friendship. You’re shining, Lisa Brittain.

Lisa loves…she loves well. The most beautiful part of God’s love in Lisa is that it’s inclusive. She would say she has no best friend (ha! ha! but I know I’m her favorite :)) but her heart and her arms are open and welcoming to all she meets. Her love for you isn’t based on anything external but only on God’s love poured out into Lisa’s heart by the Holy Spirit.


Lisa asks Jesus about you and she points you to Him and His word.

She's free to be silly and join in the game. She’s not looking to “look right or do it right in your sight.”

She runs to Jesus and asks you if you want to come, too!

She doesn’t just lovingly welcome you into her heart and life; she lifts you up and cheers you on in your journey. She has a Saturday Share blog where she encourages others to share their journey with Jesus. She lifts others up and encourages their voice and their story to be told.

Lisa doesn’t have the “need” to fix you or try to fix you or your problems. Honestly, she knows she can’t fix. Here's one of her strengths...

She loves you, prays for you and allows Holy Spirit to speak and bear fruit that remains in your life. By waiting to speak, she allows your dependence to be on Holy Spirit so He speaks powerfully into your life. Then she praises God with you for what He has done!!!

She lets you see her rough and hurting places; her ups and downs. She's real and not a hider. In her honest transparent way, there is freedom for you to share the rough and hurting places in your life, as well. She’s aware of the refining work of the Holy Spirit in the middle of these difficult places. In this process, friends are refined and come out as gold — as women of strength and dignity.

In a world of self-doubt, we all need and want a friendship and a friend to see
and know our voice and journey.
Lisa is a humble, merciful mentor – passionate pioneer of peace, 
Lisa Brittain – friend,
Friend, indeed!!!

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Ruth Snell is an Illinois girl who has lived in Georgia almost half of her life. Two of her three children are in heaven. The Lord has been her best friend since her sophomore year of college. Her son, Andy and his wife Kristen and 3 grands live 7 minutes from her house. She's learning to do watercolor painting thanks to a dear friend who's teaching her. She loves tennis, riding her bike and walking. Married to John for 41 stretching, wonderful, growing years.