By Kelsey Tarver


I don’t know of much more that can make my heart well up and feel as warm and full as it does when I’m together at home with family. As an extroverted introvert, I love people, but I absolutely love the stillness of being home. The place where comfy clothes are perfectly acceptable, where you can dance around freely and move in and out of your own little space with no eyes on you except for those of the ones who love you most. 

When I think of being home, I associate cozy blankets, warm inviting spaces, home cooked food, laughing children, baked treats, fireplaces, books, candles, trees, porch swings, reading, good movies, and time spent loving on the people God has blessed me with in my little corner of the world.  I mean what on earth could be better than that?

But since I’ve recently gotten married, I realize that anywhere my Zane is feels like home. It doesn’t matter if we are in Cancun, New York, Texas, or right smack dab in our very own home, no matter where I go with him, it feels right, and it feels like home. If I can feel this way for another human, I cannot even imagine how at rest my soul will feel when I finally meet my Creator. Even the best rainy afternoon spent with a good blanket and journal can’t remotely touch the grandness of where we are headed in our homes in heaven.

I like to think of God as fun and creative, that He has these little spots for us in heaven catered just to show His love for us. I like to think my home in heaven will be surrounded with porch swings, and endless amounts of coffee, donuts, dance parties, and be the place people go to because it feels warm and fun and cozy. I know this may not all be completely theologically correct, but I love to see the joy in every small detail of this life and I know what God has going for us up there is way cooler than any porch swing or cup of coffee could offer.

My sweet Aunt Pam recently passed away and it has had me thinking a great deal more about time management. I want to be intentional, and thankful with every single sweet second He has given me to live on this earth. It is easy to get caught up in how broken the world feels, and maybe for you, your home experience never felt good and it has been somewhere that is a place of brokenness and hurt. And even if we have had great home experiences, in this world, there are still fears and anxieties constantly tapping at our souls to feel unsafe inside the walls of our own home. But the beautiful, and overwhelmingly incredible thing about heaven is that we will not have any more pain, anxieties, depressions, or fears, our tears will be wiped away and we will truly, at last, be home.

What we do with our time here on earth determines our roles and responsibility when we make it to Heaven. I do not ever just want to barely get by and get to heaven, I want to live a life worthy of the calling, put myself out there to be ridiculed and know confidently that it is all reaping a reward in Heaven. It is time here and now to take each and every day He has blessed us with, to give it right back to Him, confidently knowing we are all just on our journey home. So we have no reason to fear the hard things of this world, or the darkness, because our journey isn’t finished here. Where we are going is for forever, and then we will finally meet our Creator, see our loved ones, and finally get the whole endless porch swing and coffee thing. ☺


Kelsey Tarver is married to the love of her life Zane Tarver, where they reside in lovely Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Her style of writing is very conversational, as if she were sitting across the table from you enjoying a HOT cup of coffee. It is her deepest desire that in her writing you will feel inspired and encouraged to be free in Christ. To connect with Kelsey, follow her on Instagram.