My Daughter's Dream

by Brook Legg


My daughter Abigail had a dream about me last night. In her dream I had red hair, red clothes, and was being dragged away by a dinosaur. It let me go — so that was good. She also told me that I gave her some red coins afterwards. She doesn't always tell me her dreams but today it was one of the first things she said to me. Then she said, "I never have cool dreams." 

I said, "I think that dream means something. Maybe there's a reason you told me instead of keeping it to yourself." I decided to go to my Christian dream meaning book to see if anything from the dream made sense…I was feeling like it was for me…just couldn't put a finger on it. 

Well, dinosaur is said to represent your distant past. Something big and terrible but something God has dealt with. Red has a couple of meanings…passion, the Blood of Jesus, strong feeling, danger, anger, zeal or enthusiasm. I firmly believe that God used her dream and her telling it to me to remind me that He is doing a new thing in me and my past is dealt with and covered by the blood of Jesus. I write a lot about my past and what God has done and is doing and about personal experiences or what it seems like God is speaking to my heart. I am in the process of beginning/continuing my writing career and I just want to be a conduit for His love and grace. I'm thrilled that He is moving me to write more and I want my words to be a message of His love and life changing power. It's a scary calling but I know that His Grace is always there.

Brook is a mom of 7 (2 precious step-daughters and 5 kiddos at home that she homeschools) and wife to her husband, Steve, for 17.5 years. She resides with her family in Gulfport, Mississippi.