Dreams at Night, Peace by Day

by Sarah Humphrey


Dreams and visions are laced throughout the Bible in a variety of shapes and forms. Biblical and modern day people are often troubled or encouraged by night dreams, and they want to know why they happen and what they mean. They want to know if God is speaking to them, and He often is. Throughout my time with God, dreams have been one of the primary ways He speaks to me. He’s given me guidance, clarity, confirmation, or warnings through the symbolic nature of them; and they always give me a reason to pray. When woken up by a nighttime storyline, I’ve loved spending the next day chewing on the meaning, asking God for wisdom, and looking through Scripture to find hidden nuggets of understanding or clarity.

In Daniel’s day, he was the best dream interpreter. He beat out the fortune tellers and psychics because He knew how to lean into intimacy with God. My story has been similar as God’s given me opportunities not only to interpret my own dreams but also help others interpret theirs. From the dreams of my husband and kids, to leaders and health care providers, some celebrities and many friends, it’s been fun to see people’s hearts open to see how God speaks to them supernaturally at night.

When people have come to me with a dream or a recurring dream, it’s fun to see them chew on what I sense the symbolism means. It’s especially fun when I don’t actually know the person—because the supernatural comes alive when God speaks accurate details through a well-interpreted dream.

My daughter once had a dream that signaled that my other daughter was in some sort of danger.  My 6-year-old woke up disheveled and concerned about her sister. She told me the dream, and I was able to explain to her that sometimes God gives us dreams to teach us how to pray. Sometimes dreams are a warning ahead of time, and we can ask God for wisdom on how to keep something bad from happening. My daughter felt extremely special that God would choose her to pray for her sister; that she was, in fact, the answer to her sister’s need. After talking about the dream, we were able to sit together and pray about it, pray for protection, and pray for peace. It was a sweet and connecting time for both of us, and it taught her a new spiritual lesson about how to listen to God and how to pray.

I think this is true for any of us. Dreams give us a reason to talk to God. It’s absolutely fun to see supernatural work in our lives because it proves God to us, and it’s even more fun to walk through the process of communing with Him to see out the riddle He’s given us, to search for answers to our questions, and to talk with Him about how we feel. Simply enough, I believe God gives us dreams because He loves us and wants to meet with us. Sometimes we get too busy during the day to listen to His voice. When our bodies are asleep, our spirits are still awake, and it’s in night dreams that God can sometimes give us a clear picture of what He wants us to know. It’s not fortune-telling, it’s about intimacy. He always speaks the languages most connected to our hearts.

I love dreams because they’ve been a beautiful tool for God to speak to me, for me to wrestle through questions, and for me to see Him move as the answers arrive. If you are searching for answers, ask God to give you a dream. And then open your Bible to give you confirmation for what it means. You’ll be delighted and will love the process of exploration with Him!

Sarah is the author of several books and a children’s book. She is a voice actor, an artist, and most importantly, a mom. Her new book “How to Take a Selfie: A Social Media #detox to Regain Confidence and Connection” is available on Amazon. She loves to create, dream, and is a professional introvert with “sparkles” of extrovert. You can follow her on Instagram at @shumpdee.