submission changes!

We're excited to announce that we'll be changing our submission style in a fun and relaxed way! So far, we've had it set up where you can submit to our monthly themes. Now, we've decided to change True Gold to having bi-monthly themes which gives you, the submitter, the chance to have more time to work on and refine a piece that you'd like to submit to us! We believe that God speaks to us in His own time and sometimes trying to write from a spiritual place takes much longer than we tend to anticipate. At times throughout the beginning of 2017 (with us having a different theme each month) it got a little confusing and hectic when it came to deadlines and some of the details. This was never meant to cause stress for anyone so we believe this change will be a positive one for all of us.

We've also decided that we want you to know all of the themes for the year in advance so that you have plenty of time to do what you'd like for each one that speaks something personal to you.

True Gold themes for 2018:

August 2018 issue: Speak
(Deadline: 07.25.18)

Some thoughts to help you get started (but not limited to these ideas)...

Writers: This theme is mainly for the sake of complete honesty... Things that we love about following Jesus and things that have been daily battles about following Jesus. We know it's not always easy but it's totally worth it. What are some experiences that you've had while being on your faith journey? What's tested you and caused you pain? What's made you question that God is still good? What's helped you to keep going? What would you never change about the journey and what would you do different if you could? What have you learned about living? If there's something that you've been afraid to speak we encourage you to pray and consider sharing whatever may be weighing down on your heart.

Artists/Photographers: Real and raw images of what needs to be heard, things that don't seem to have a voice and go unnoticed, things that speak to your heart, etc.

DIYers/Foodies/Health & Beauty People: Lucky you! Your submissions don't have to fit with the current theme but you get extra brownie points if you can get creative and make it happen. No pressure though.


We'd love to be able to promote you via our website/social media when you submit something so don't be shy; send us a little bio and headshot of yourself if you can!