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This section is purely for the love of the world wide web. Here is where we'll post random things (music videos, other blog posts, interesting articles, faith merchandise, etc.) that we like and think you should check out too! If you'd like to contribute, send us an email with the link and let us know why you like it.

On and On – Housefires // 08.05.18

Need a good worship song you can belt out in the car when you're by yourself (or not by yourself)? Say no more, fam. Take a listen 'cause it's REAL good.

Co:Violet Blog.png

Co/Violet Blog – Holly Ragsdale // 03.09.18

Holly's lifestyle blog is full of beauty, zest, and truth. She has a really cool perspective and her particular post, 11 Positive Lessons I Learned from my Parents' Divorce, was a really helpful + encouraging read. It really gave me some insight into positively handling such an unfortunate situation such as divorce. I hope you enjoy the read too, friends!


Essentially EB Blog – Elizabeth Mitts // 12.10.17

Elizabeth is one of True Gold's regulars (PTL because she's a rockstar writer) and she has an incredible blog about her thoughts and life. She has this ability to write in a way that makes you feel as if you're physically sitting across the table from her soaking in her wisdom along with her comic relief in between seriousness. Her blog is definitely one worth following and her perspective is one that all can benefit from. Follow it at

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Seasons – Hillsong worship // 11.17.17

This worship song has been so relevant and has WRECKED my heart. Here's one of the verses that I tend to ugly girl cry through. 

"If all I know of harvest
Is that it's worth my patience
Then if You're not done working
God I'm not done waiting"

Whew! All the feels, y'all. Plug your headphones in and check it out!

O Mighty Ones – Incense & Arrows // 10.27.17

This is one of those worship songs that'll get you on your feet to dance and sing praises to your God King. Your praise is a weapon, y'all. Take a listen and enjoy. Happy Friday!

October 2017 Calendar.png

October Calendar Printout // 09.29.17

We've made you this super cute and FREE Calendar printout for October! Click the download button below and enjoy! Sidenote, we hope you like Stranger Things because we couldn't help but mark when Season 2 starts. 

Grace, Faith & Glitter Blog Post by Lauren Lozano // 09.15.17

Lauren's post God's Still, Small Voice really hit the spot today. It's funny how you can read things that may have been written a while ago and it still manages to be relevant with what's happening right here in the now. I hope you'll check out these wise words and leave with a good dose of encouragement today.

God's Still Small Voice.png

Relevant article BY SARAH SCIARINI // 08.30.17

C.S. Lewis' 'The Problem of Pain' Is More Relevant Than Ever was a really good read today. I loved what Sarah had to say about standing up to hopelessness and not letting it overcome us during the troubling times that we live in. This segment within the article really spoke to me: "God speaks through the smallest of voices—even through ones that may not have the largest platforms or the broadest circle of influence. We all have the ability to stand up for the right thing and love people who are hurting. It would be foolish for any one of us to believe we can solve the world’s problems. It would be a waste of hope to let those problems paralyze us and prevent us from doing anything good."

Go check the rest of the article out for yourselves and be blessed, friends.

The Sullivan Story blog // 08.25.17

This blog shares the story of Brittany Sullivan and her family as they go on their journey to conquer the cancer that has attacked Brittany since the time she was three years old. Her faith in God is such an inspiration for all – whether you're battling cancer or know someone who is. She is a beautiful example of hope. Like the flicker of light you see amidst all of the surrounding darkness. Follow her story here at



Immeasurable Shop // 08.22.17

This little shop is filled with awesome goodies! If you like things like cute headbands, bags, and modern quilts – this is the shop to go visit. The owner, Sally Shake, has such a heart for God. She is a woman of intention and it shows in every aspect of her life. Check out her adorable shop at to see some of her current products.

Looking For a Savior – United Pursuit // 08.21.17

Lately I've become really obsessed with this worship song. The words seem to fit my tender heart so perfectly these days. If you have a chance, hit play and listen to the lyrics for a few minutes. You may get hooked like I did and decide to put it on repeat. If you haven't heard or listened much to Will Reagan & the United Pursuit Band, let me just tell you that there's a lot more where this came from. Their genuine worship can take you straight into the throne room.

melodic rhythms of hope blog // 08.16.17

This lifestyle blog is incredibly encouraging and inspiring. The blogger behind it, Mandy, has such a pure heart for the Lord and she truly desires to see His kingdom come in every person on the planet. If you want/need any encouragement, wise words, or an awesome new friend — don't hesitate to head over to to meet Mandy. You'll be glad you stopped by.

Defining Your Joy // 08.15.17

A lot of us have dreams of being an entrepreneur (or just having more joy in our lives) but have no idea how to get there and take the proper steps in that direction. What we love about Natalie Joy and her company, Defining Your Joy, is that she gives women the tools they need to accomplish their God-sized dreams and helps build their confidence in a way that they know it's possible to achieve it. If you're one of these people that needs help in this area of your life, Natalie is your girl to connect with. You can check her business out at


Love Everywhere // 08.11.17

Want to join in on some tiny acts of kindness? When we first heard about Love Everywhere, we instantly fell in love with what Ashley and her ambassadors were doing all over the world.

Each note is hand-stamped and numbered for tracking. And each note contains a handwritten message, resurrecting an art form largely lost in today’s digital age. And the really amazing part? These notes have the potential to not only travel the world as note finders “pay it forward”, but to let people know they are seen, heard, and loved.

Check out to see how you can join in on all the love they spread!

Little Bird – Misty Edwards // 08.10.17

Here's a different take on worship music that we don't always hear every day. It's one of those upbeat worship songs and makes you want to join in, dance, and reflect on the truth of the words that Misty Edwards speaks in her song Little Bird. Enjoy!