How Categories Work



True Gold Magazine offers seven different categories for submissions. Testimony, Creative Writing, Art & Photography, Words of Encouragement, Recipes, Do It Yourself, and Health & Beauty. These categories are about using your gifts and glorifying God with what he's given you. If whatever you share with True Gold is something that is directly about God, awesome! But just know, it doesn't have to be.


This is where you tell us your story. Sharing your testimony is one of the most vulnerable things you can do for the kingdom of God. And one of the most powerful. We want to hear about your trials and tribulations, and how you've overcome them with Jesus guiding you along the way. We want to hear the good, bad, painful, glorious, easy, hard, short, long—you name it! Every testimony is powerful whether it's a once-in-a-lifetime happening or a day-to-day lifestyle. When we share our stories and get real with each other, we unite for and with Jesus.


Do you love writing stories of all kinds? Do you feel the Lord's delight when you sit down and create something beautiful with language? Whatever you enjoy writing—whether it be fiction, poetry, plays, songs, etc.—that's what this place is for. Your creative writing doesn't have to directly be about Jesus(although it can be), but we'd love to be able to feel his presence in your lines. 


So often, God gives powerful prophetic words through pictures whether by hand, computer or camera. If this is your area of glory giving, we'd love to be able to share what God has given you through this art and hear the meaning of your work.


Words of Encouragement is basically a pretty name for articles. If you have a real life topic that you find interesting or a special encouraging word that you'd love to share with us here, that's what this category is for. This writing space isn't very specific except that we want this to be a "real talk" kind of area that lifts others up.


Need we say more? We want all the deets on your wonderful eats! This is meant to be a beautiful place of communion. Since we can't all physically break bread together around a table, we want to do it virtually. And if the special recipe has a story to go with it, we'd love to have and share that with the True Gold community as well.


If you are a woman of any craft, then this is the place for you! There's so much beauty and reflection of our Creator when we create. We want to know and see your step-by-step process of whatever you make! 


Everything from exercise routines to makeup tips goes here! We want it all. We are firm believers that true beauty comes from within, but there's something wonderful about taking care of ourselves and thanking God for our health. When we take care of ourselves we're more able to pour encouragement into others around us. We were all made so beautifully and we need to celebrate with each other!