Eating with Grace

by Mary Carr


I have struggled with my weight for over fourteen years… Since I was about nine, I have tried to “eat less and exercise more” with the goal of weight loss, health, and a happier me.

I have made rules for myself… No desserts! No bread! Low-carb! Only one serving! Only water!

And as everyone who has walked that weight loss road before knows, that life is utterly exhausting. When we place these expectations on ourselves, we often are disappointed if/when we fall short of them.

The past few months of my life have been focused on introspection and healing. I am so thankful to have a few months in between graduating college and beginning graduate school as a time set aside for rest and recovery – of the mind, body, and spirit! One of my big self discoveries that I have realized recently is just how much guilt and shame have played into my eating habits. The cycle goes something like this:

Bad eating habits

1. Resolve to make better choices. 
2. Set up parameters (“rules”) to help me make better choices. 
3. Do well for a day…or two…maybe three. 
4. Fail. Eat too much. Eat dessert. Break a “rule.” 
5. Feel guilty…embarrassed…hopeless… feel unable to change. 
6. Repeat bad eating, because I feel stuck in the pattern. 
7. Resolve to make better choices….Etc., etc., etc.

You get the idea. 

It only occurred to me this year that maybe the key to breaking this cycle is grace.

Eating with grace… living with grace.

Wipe away the rules and the long list of expectations we place on ourselves, and for once, give yourself the time, patience, forgiveness, and grace your mind, body, and spirit need to make these changes! Healing takes time.

Find and celebrate your victories, sisters!

This is a big one. I weigh myself often and I recently got discouraged due to weighing a pound or two more than I did the week before. 

But friends, where there is GRACE there is healing. 

I weigh less now than I did a year ago… and the year before that…and THAT is worth celebrating!

I choose to celebrate the positive long-lasting changes and trust myself enough to know that I can and will make improvements in the other areas as well. 

Now go ahead… Eat your salad. Eat your ice cream. Take a walk. Go for a run. 

Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. 

Mary is a Natural State native, a follower of Jesus, and an aunt to three sweet babies. In the fall, she will begin graduate school for speech language pathology. But for now, she is enjoying a season of rest and growth while baking for the Pioneer Woman Mercantile and cooking for Pink Box Recipes. Follow her Instagram @pinkboxrecipes