Where do I send my submission?

All submissions must be sent to truegoldmag@gmail.com.
Please include your name, age, where you're from, and a description of what you're submitting to us. Specify which category your post falls under in the email subject line.

Will i still own my submission?

Yes, you will still own what you submit to us! We don't want to own anything anyone sends to us; we just want the freedom to share it on our site and promote you. If your submission has been used elsewhere and conflicts with ownership rights, we do not want to post it.

how long should writing submissions be?

All writing submissions should be no longer than 2,300 words (approximately 5 pages). They can be as short as you'd like as long as the submission has substance.


do you accept all submissions?

We will accept any submission that falls in line with the character of Jesus Christ and His Word.

do you have submission deadlines?

Submission deadlines will usually be the 25th of every other month. That gives us enough time to prepare, proofread and make edits if necessary. If edits are ever needed, we will converse with you via email before we post your submission. See the Submissions tab for more details.


We would love for the submissions to be able to connect with our current theme but we've also created the themes to be broad so that there can be exceptions for particular categories if needed. The only categories that need to consistently connect with our current theme are Creative Writing, Art and Photography, and Words of Encouragement.