Make Your Dreams A Reality

by Micaela Hollett

Materials You Will Need:

A notebook, a yearly planner, a writing utensil, an accountability partner, and anything else that may be required depending on your dream.


In your notebook write down your dreams. Mine are to be a successful actress, to travel the world, to inspire others, to have an athletic physic and to open a vegan restaurant one day. Even if you are afraid to admit your dreams, don’t be. Your passions are your passions for a reason. If you want to live out your dreams, you have to start somewhere and writing them down is a safe, easy place to start.


Get out your yearly planner and start making daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Start broad and then get more specific. What is your goal for this year? What are the monthly objectives you would have to reach to attain your yearly goal? What do you need to be doing daily in order to accomplish your monthly objectives? 

Know that these results are what you are striving for and are there to inspire you to take action. You may not obtain all your goals in the timeline that you have given yourself, and that is perfectly okay. Part of why most people do not pursue their dreams is because they are afraid of failing. Well guess what, you fail at what you are doing now, so why not fail at something you love?!? Failure is going to happen in life, use it to grow you and to keep you moving towards your dreams. You are much more powerful and unstoppable than you give yourself credit!


Share, share, share, share, share!!! Did I mention, to share?! Find an accountability partner and share with them what you are going to do. Have fun with it! I had a vision board party with a bunch of my closest friends this January so that we could all start the new year strong and keep each other accountable for what we are out to accomplish with our lives this year.  

When you share, you are taking another action towards your dreams. You now have someone who loves you standing for you in making your dreams a reality. Let them ask you if you have done what you said you would do, because if you haven’t, they can call you out on it in love and help you get back on track. Sometimes, I will keep putting something off, and then share with a friend I am giving my word to taking an action so that I have someone backing me in doing what I set out to do.


Actually do what you have planned to do!! If it is working out for an hour four times a week, then work out for an hour four times a week. If it’s taking a baking class once a month, then take a baking class once a month. Whatever it is, it matters to you and it is as simple as taking the action no matter how much it scares you, or whatever reasons you have as to why you should wait. It is never going to feel like a good time to start, so just start!


HAVE FUN! This step should be interlaced in ALL of your steps. Achieving your dreams is going to require work, and who said it had to be boring?! I am not a huge fan of exercising, but being in shape is personally important to me as an actress. In order to make running more fun, I listen to Broadway songs that inspire me; my favorite is Defying Gravity from Wicked. I don’t know about you, but I want to live out my life and dreams in such a way that people watching me cannot tell if I am working or playing!

After you have completed these steps, repeat, and then keep repeating for each and every dream you have until all your dreams have become a reality.