Bassett Mid Mod Revival

by Christin Cochran

Painted furniture is all the rage in home decor! A few coats of paint can turn the most dated, dull dresser into a beautifully functional work of art. There are many different paint brands to choose from. Most do not require extensive sanding or primer, but if your piece isn't properly cleaned and prepped, the paint might not adhere to the surface – eek! Make sure there isn't any residue, grime or leftover Pledge on your piece – Pledge and paint just don't mix, y'all!

For this particular dresser, some quick sanding was required as the surface was a bit rough. A few passes with my palm sander, and she was ready to go! Once your piece is prepped, let the painting begin! I used my favorite Wooster brush on this gal and did three coats of General Finishes Lamp Black, my go-to brand of paint. Notice that I taped off the inside and edges of the drawers to give the most professional look. Once the paint had dried, I sealed the dresser with two coats of Annie Sloan's Clear Wax, allowing at least a day of drying time in between coats. You could also seal your piece with polyurethane, but I personally prefer the look and feel of a waxed finish. The wax is then buffed to a sheen with my fantastic blue shop towels – I love these babies because they are lint free, and I can toss them when I'm finished! The last step for me is also the most fun in my opinion – staging and photographing! Staged  pictures make it easier for a potential buyer to visualize the piece in their home and definitely make it stand out!


Christin lives in Nashville, TN and revives vintage/antique furniture with a touch of southern flair. To see (or purchase) more of her revived furniture pieces check out her business, Southern Revival by Christin, on facebook or instagram.