The Promised Battleground

by Sherry Hubright


A battleground. An intense warring between light and darkness. It was promised. As long as the heavenly realm is alive, the spiritual forces of evil will be present on this earth. Evil's desire is strong to overcome good. At times this dark world creeps too close to home. Someone we deeply love is caught in a spiral downward into an abyss whose blackness is blinding. It is a place where the presence of the Enemy feels closer than God. To them and to us. Hopelessness engulfs. Hopelessness speaks lies to us. Has the day of evil come? Or is it merely knocking on the door? No, the knock on thedoor is one of His promises. This promise says as long as there is breath, hope will not elude. There is rescue. Always.

We look beyond the door and see Warriorson the battleground. They do not carry swords we would recognize. They do not charge the enemy with brute force. Instead, as the battle intensifies, they fall to their knees. Their surrender is not to the enemy, but to the One Who is Mighty to Save. And He will. He promises.

Scattered on the battleground are warriors of prayer. Some lie prostrate, their lips tasting the dirt as they beseech the One Who is Their Maker. Others kneel, hands at their sides while their eyes watch the heavens, submitting to the One They Know Will Bring Rescue. Their numbers may be small, but they know their God is big. One more promise. They pray until their last breath, or until the abyss spews forth one more lost child who finally grasps his Abba’s outstretched hand. A promise fulfilled.