Stepping Into Grace

by Brook Legg


She walked into the room and she felt as if all eyes were on her. It had been years since she had come to this place. As a child it was a place of wonder. She learned stories of old. How David fought the giant and how Moses crossed the sea. Would God remember her? Of course He would. He had seen all the terrible things that she had done through the years. Even thoughts she had were on display before Him. “No, forgiveness was not for her,” she thought. She sat at the back and tears slowly dripped from her eyes. The Pastor was speaking of Paul's thorn in the flesh. She was so uncomfortable.  

The old guy down on the end of her row coughed and blew his nose, so that helped to distract her from what she knew she had to do. Most of the people in this church had it all together and had been coming here for years. Some of them even knew her and the things that she had said and done. As the message ended and the music began she felt glued to her seat. People were responding to the Pastor’s call for repentance and she just didn’t think that God’s grace was big enough to cover her sin and she really wasn’t sure if she wanted to change. Her life was comfortable and predictable.  

If she didn't want change, then how and why was she here? She thought back to her childhood and tried to connect with what she had learned about God’s goodness and forgiveness, and how His love covers a multitude of sins. Even sins that seemed so awful to her could be swept away with her surrender to Him.   

With a shaky resolve she stood and walked to the front and an older woman met her with open arms. The love and acceptance that she felt from this woman was not of this world. No one would hug her if they really knew her. God was using this woman's unconditional acceptance and prayer in this moment to pour out His love upon her. She decided to jump in His river of grace again and let the current of His love and mercy sweep her away. She was found, and lost, and now she was found once more. Trading her weakness for His strength – Forever in the arms of grace.

Brook is a mom of 7 (2 precious step-daughters and 5 kiddos at home that she homeschools) and wife to her husband, Steve, for 17.5 years. She resides with her family in Gulfport, Mississippi. To see more of Brook, you can follow her on Instagram at @soulfisher_academy