She Dreamed...

by Brook Legg


Once there was a little girl who lived in fear. Fear was all around. There were so many things to be afraid of. The dark, scary people, sickness, mean dogs, bad grades, robbers, and not being approved of by others. It was enough to keep her trapped in her room. As she grew older there were more things that she discovered she should fear. Things like drunk drivers, being assaulted, germs, never finding "the" one, not being "pretty enough or thin enough,”… the list went on forever. She dreamed of one day being so free that none of these fears could touch her.

The dream began with her seeing herself walking in a field of flowers and being compelled to continue by a beautiful force to a figure that was standing on the far end of the field. As she drew closer to the figure she was overcome with her own brokenness, her own lack of ability to move past her fears. She was only steps away from this person and even though she knew that He was the key to her freedom she still went through her list of fears and reasons that she needed to keep them in order to be safe. It was all about her and controlling the outcome of her life... being safe. Her deepest desire had always been to be safe and cared for. She fell to her knees as she could see Him reaching for her. He spoke to the darkest places in her heart and declared light and freedom. Without even physically touching her He tore apart the chains that held her captive. As the bonds of fear, insecurity, control, and pride fell away she realized that she could stand. She looked into the eyes of the One who set her free and she knew that she would never be that fearful woman again. For the chains that bound her were replaced by a deep and abiding love and comfort. There was a knowledge deep within her that even if everything was ripped away from her and all of the things she had feared came to pass, that Christ, her Redeemer, would hold her in His arms and stand her up straight again to carry on for His kingdom.

Brook is a mom of 7 (2 precious step-daughters and 5 kiddos at home that she homeschools) and wife to her husband, Steve, for 17.5 years. She resides with her family in Gulfport, Mississippi.