Wanting to tell a story that would bring women of all walks together in unity through God's glory. It's a story of trials and tribulations. A story of seeking and finding. A story that gains victory over the darkness that invades our lives. This is where we share our stories and gifts as an act of worship to our Holy God.


True Gold mainly got its name from Job 23:10, "But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold." So often for me, life has felt like a refining fire. Because of that, refined gold has been something that I have connected with time and time again. I love getting to share my story with others and hear their stories in return. And I love being able to encourage others while having them encourage my heart as well. Isn't that what we're supposed to do as lovers of Jesus? Be united with Christ at the center?

One weekend, I was just sitting on my couch asking God for something to do for him. Something that I would love and that would bless him. And I was just looking at photos online which usually makes me feel worse about life because everyone always looks like they are doing incredible things every day and how the heck are they able to do that while I work and pay bills, right? I came across a picture from a  famous worship leader that had posted a new magazine that she had received in the mail. It was so beautifully designed. Clean, classy and simple. The words were fragile and beautiful and I whispered, "Lord, I could do that! That’s so easy for me. Can I just work for them? I could create a magazine like that.” And I heard him say, "You could do that.” I just responded with, “Okay...” I wasn’t expecting to hear him. And then he said, "You love testimonies. You love the way they affect people and unite people and transform them. Create a magazine and make testimonies the backbone.” He was right. I love the verse in Revelation about the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony being how we overcome. The fact that it seems to put our testimonies on the same level as the blood of the lamb always blows my mind. Can that really be right? It sounds incredibly too good to be true. But when I watch people be vulnerable and share their hearts out with each other, the responses they get from others dealing with similar trials (or not so similar) are always so encouraging, inspirational and powerful to witness.

It was the first time that I didn’t just shrug it off. I was actually like, "Heck yeah I can design my own magazine.” I’ve never had passion to do something like this before. And, praise God, it hasn’t gone away. It makes me laugh when I think about how the Lord set me up for this. It was crazy that at my first job I was given the opportunity of creating a company magazine and I even remember telling the Lord then that there was no point for me working on it. He told me, "You’ll need this for later.” and I ignored him. Nothing ever seems to be coincidence, does it? Thus began the beautiful adventure of True Gold Magazine.

I hope you join me in this act of worship to our God. He has big plans for us. It's time to share all that he's done and is doing in our lives.


To the end,


The hope

Our hope for True Gold is to be able to compile all of the submissions that we receive this year and create a print edition at the end of the year. Please join us in praying that the Lord will make a way for this to be possible and that we never lose sight that He is the reason for all of this and He leads our steps in this magazine ministry. To Him be all the glory and honor forever!